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  • eBay RICO: Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization

    We allege this is Corporate America Racketeering by eBay INC that should be investigated ASAP. Kind of like the Uranium One deal with Russia, as Millions in bribes and kickbacks flowed into the Clinton Foundation.

    eBay is using off the books trolls in a reputation management operation that is currently ongoing as of this post. This operation targets eBay critics and naysayers who our the monolith corporations wrongdoings. The operation has been in operation since at least 2013 and possibly longer. eBay reputation management trolls utilize video site YouTube to target people in the private sector that criticize the company.

    This eBay INC social media specialist uses YouTube to publicly Dox and cyberstalk his target, a former eBay member and blogger that goes by Seller Skeptic and eBayisaJoke. eBay's corporate troll, CrazeeNyDriver is attempting to get his target, a blogger and critic fired from his union job!

    Just who in the hell does this guy this guy think he is? He regularly schmoozes with Uncle Griff on eBay Radio and hangs out with other insiders. Gets invited to video document PayPal offices, and other off-limit to the public facilities.

    Joe DeMarco is an eBay employee, but an unofficial one. He is paid off the books, so to speak, with company promotional material (swag.) He routinely brags about getting free iPhones, iPads, Apparel, etc, in his weekly promo videos.

    He is alleged to be the creator of this abusive Twitter page, that targets eBayisaJoke and Doc with targeted harassment. eBay INC Corporate Cyber Racketeering!

    This speaks very loudly just how eBay INC does business. Joe DeMarco sells hubcaps by-day, and cyberbully’s eBay critics and naysayers by-night.

    It's a clear violation of the RICO Statutes!

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  • Doc's eBay Motors Sucks Website Closed

    Doc's eBay Motors Sucks website, blog, and forums, recently went offline after nearly 14 years serving the public. The website specialized in fraud awareness for internet motor vehicle buying and selling consumers.

    ebay motors sucks classic header image

    Over the years ebaymotorssucks.com saved countless car buying consumers from losing their money to internet car scams and bad dishonest car dealers.

    eBay Motors Sucks has been a great webmaster learning experience for ole Doc. He has learned how to fend off the attacks alleged to be from eBay Inc. The reputation management attacks by the guy above right and his team of trolls, who were relentless a few years ago.

    eBay Motors Sucks website traffic has been declining the past several years, and this year (2017) has seriously declined. Lots of it's traffic decline is for the greatest part, nobody really gives a hoot about eBay. And the domain that starts off with eBay in it is another factor.

    Search partner Google has literally buried 98% of our articles deep into cyberspace. It's just how business is done on the net these days. Doc recently produced this video outlining his keyword and key-phrase position in search.  

    It's been an interesting run but the time has come to pull the plug. Doc has archived the blog and classic phpBB forums for future reference. Some of our better car scam awareness videos are here.

    And the cyberstalking wars between CrazeeNyDriver and eBayisaJoke are still ongoing nearly 5 years later. That's a fine example of eBay INC Racketeering!

    doc's quality cars power seller award

    Oh Well.. Do you know the way to San Jose?? LOL!

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